Chevrolet Optra

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This 1.6-liter sedan comes in either manual or transmission, but nonetheless exhibits a maximum power for both variants. Its modern and state-of-the-art design offers a free flowing silhouette, courtesy of the famed Pininfarina design house.

The Chevrolet Optra comes with the Bosch 4-sensor, 4-channel ABS system with EBD which gives drivers better control.

The low noise levels of the car complements the Blaupankt audio system which houses the AM/FM cassette player, 5-disc in dash CD changer and 6 speakers which can also be controlled from the steering wheel.

The luxurious features of this mainstream passenger car perfectly suits the tastes and needs of progressive opportunists who aspire to get more out of life. In addition, this ‘silent’ vehicle is pegged at a price that is within reach of the consumers.

More Things To Carry in your Car

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You can pack your toolbox with the best tools that money can buy, but all those fancy budgets and gizmos won’t do you any good if they’re in your garage at home when your car breaks down 30 miles from civilization. Don’t tempt fate: Keep these tools and materials on board at all times.

  • Rags: Rags should be clean and lint-free. Get rid of gasoline-soaked rags – they’re highly combustible. Never keep them in close places. Don’t use an oily rag on anything that isn’t oil already. Because your car contains a variety of substances that must be kept away from other substances, throw out or wash dirty rags, and use a clean one each time you start a job. Keep a clean, lint-free rag in your glove compartment; you’ll need it to wipe your ol or transmission dipstick.
  • Spare Parts: If you replace your spark plugs and your points, save the old ones if they’re not too worn. Carry them in your trunk compartment toolbox for quick replacements if something goes wrong with those in your engine. Just be sure to replace these substitutes with new ones immediately, because they won’t hold up well. The same goes for old, not-too-cruddy air filters, rotors, and other minor gizmos. A couple of extra nuts, bolts, and screws also help, in case you lose the ones you have or strip them accidentally.
  • Emergency Parts: Buy extra accessory belts, extra coolant hoses, an extra thermostat, an extra radiator cap, and extra fuses – they’re inexpensive and could get you out of a lot of trouble on a long trip.
  • Spare Tire: Check your spare tire often. It’s humiliating to go through the work of changing a tire only to find that your spare is flat, too. If your spare is worn beyond belief, most garages will send you a not-too-hideous second hand tire at a low prize. Make sure that it’s the right size.
  • Lug wrench: A lug wrench is sometimes provided, along with a jack, on new cars. You use it to remove the wheel or lug nuts when you change your tires. If you buy a lug wrench, get the cross-shaft kind, which gives you more leverage.
  • Snow and Ice Equipment: If you live in an area that’s cold in winter, try to carry tie chains or a bag of sand in case you find yourself dealing with icy conditions. A small shovel may prove useful for digging your tires out, and a scraper can clear your windshield if you’ve been parked in the snow and it’s iced over.  A can of de-icing fluid is useful in icy weather.
  • Spare tools: If you can’t carry your toolbox in your car all the time, try to leave a couple of screwdrivers, some standard-size combination wrenches , an adjustable wrench, and a can of penetrating oil in your trunk compartment. Some very handy gizmos that combine a variety of basic tools into one all-purpose, weird-looking instrument are also available.
  • Flashlight and reflectors: A flashlight is always a good addition to your glove compartment. It can help your kids locate dropped toys on the floor of the car, enable you to see under the hood if your car breaks down, and serve as an emergency light for oncoming traffic if you have to stop on the road for repairs. A flashlight with a red blinker is safest for this purpose. An inexpensive set of reflector triangles can save your life by making your stopped vehicle visible on the road. You can use flares, but they can be dangerous, and many states have rules regarding their use on highways.
  • Gloves: Keep a pair of gloves in the car for emergencies. Thin, tough, and comfortable dishwashing gloves are available at any discount auto parts store or supermarket. They cost little and keep the grease from under your fingernails. One problem, however, is that gasoline or solvent may melt them. If you prefer, industrial rubber gloves, available at swimming pool supply stores, aren’t affected by gasoline, solvent, or battery acid.
  • Hat: To keep the dust and grease out of your hair, and to prevent long hair from being caught in moving auto parts, wear a hat that you can afford to get dirty. A wooly watch cap or a baseball hat worn backwards works just fine.
  • Miscellaneous stuff: A roll of duct tape, a roll of electrician’s tape, a sharp knife, and scissors also come in handy.

Bigger Size, Bigger Style

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The latest full size SUV market continues to do well. Why did I say so? Because despite of the increasing gas price, there still someone or even family out there that appreciate, and need comfortable room, towing and off-road efficiency that only a full-sized truck-based SUV can provide. Pioneering this segment is the Expedition from Ford for it offers big improvements in comfort, safety and control. Moreover, the big power train change is the addition of Ford six-speed automatic transmission, which offers significant gains in both performance and economy. On the other hand, the 5.4 liter, three valve-per cylinder V8 engine, rated at 300 horsepower and 365 pound feet of torque, it still the same event though it delivers more than enough power and torque. The expedition offers more precise handling in riding on a redesigned system. It remains a big vehicle and demands you respect it as such, but it provides best and efficient steering response, controllability and general composure. In addition, the Expedition also highlights the standard safety features through airbags and custom auto parts everywhere. It also comes equipped with Ford’s traction and stability control system, Advance Trac with Roll Stability Control (RSC) The expensive interior now comes into realistic interior for it has enough room for everybody even tall or short. A large cargo area can be achieved with split folding second and third row seats. More features make it easy to see why many people still look up to the Expedition.

The Coolant Recovery System

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A coolant recovery system is just a clear plastic container with two little hoses coming out of the cap. One hose leads to the radiator, and the other serves as an overflow pipe for the container. The container holds an extra supply of water and coolant, in case the system loses any.

When your cooling system heats up and starts to overflow, the liquid pours back into the recovery container instead of pouring out of the radiator overflow pipe and onto the ground. When the system cools off, the pressure drops and the liquid is drawn out of the container and back into the radiator. This process not only saves you coolant, but it also protects animals and children from sampling puddles of the toxic stuff.

Practically all cars made within the last 20 years have a closed cooling system (coolant recovery system). If you have an older vehicle/street rod/classic car and need to add a coolant recovery tank (also called a coolant reservoir) you can purchase one at Auto Parts Place. An online store offers discount car parts and auto parts for domestic and import vehicles as well as car accessories.

Installing Windshield Wipers

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Windshield wipers are normally the most ignored when you are regularly inspecting your auto parts. Unless you see it is damaged, you won’t normally give it attention.

Now, if your wipers don’t work properly anymore, you may need to replace them. Here are quick steps on installing new windshield wipers:

• First, drop by your car supply store to buy the right size. It may vary on the make and model of your car.

• When you have purchased the right wiper size, get ready with your materials.

• Start by raising the wiper arm up so you can work with it. You may start your car for a while to turn on the wipers and put them in the correct position.

• Let go of the blade by pinching down on the wiper.

• Install your new wipers as stated in the manufacturer’s instruction. Lock all the hardware in place and be sure to test them prior to driving.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe

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This is one nice hot car ever made. From its name “Rolls-Royce” had made a great impression. It has its own style of making a way to something that can’t never snob. Ever since Rolls-Royce has a great interior and car accessories. This is one of the car makes that had already made a lots of good quality cars through the years in the automotive industry.

Bentley Brooklands Coupe

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I just love looking at it. Dreaming one day I’m driving that very handsome car on the road while chilling out with great audio sounds and cool auto parts. Would that be possible? I hope so…just keep on dreaming…