Small but Terrible!!!

With tumbling SUV and large saloon sales and certain oil economies, GM is now aiming to increase its being in even more small auto market. The car maker revealed a trio of newest Chevrolet minicab model autos planned to capture the mind of young town car fanatic around the globe.

The “trio” include:

• Chevrolet Groove : A “funkastalgia”- themed vehicle too tough-looking to be “cute,” the Groove concept is a retro-inspired vehicle with assured fender flickers and a vertical windshield. It looks much longer than it is, thanks to its short hood and long cabin. The front-drive Groove is powered by a small, efficient 1-liter diesel engine. The Groove’s design conveys something but weakness. The outstanding matte Lunar Quartz exterior finish compares with the strategic use of satin silver exterior chrome details. Think this the most realistic concept of the three.

• Chevrolet Trax : The Rage Orange Chevrolet Trax, an urban crossover concept that’s evenly at home on the trails or in traffic, it gets a low-cost all-wheel-drive system and looks the auto parts of a rugged SUV many times its dimension, thanks to a voluminous one-piece bumper and fender system in the front and back, a rear-mounted auxiliary tire and a roof rack. Trax is power-driven by a 1-liter gas engine.

• Chevrolet Beat: The Vertigo Green Chevrolet Beat three-door hatchback concept is doomed to evoke a micro edition of the import tuner cars popularized by movies like the Fast and the Furious. The Beat is certainly the most sporty of the trio. The Beat is a front-wheel-drive, built to be tailored, and motorized by a 1.2-liter turbocharged gasoline engine mated to an automatic transmission. It’s loaded with expertise, including a navigation system and first class stereo. Notionally described as a “tuner” car, the Beat is predestined to be customized much similar to a Scion to an owner’s own personal tastes.



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